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Ruthless Sports Inc. is a Canadian sports supplement company designed by athletes for athletes. Everything we do is based on innovative cutting-edge science that delivers results. Our approach guarantees that you will receive the results you demand from a one of the top Canadian supplement companies. What you can expect from Ruthless Sports Inc. is ridiculously delicious supplements that deliver serious results. You deserve to have full transparency in the products you’re taking so we don’t hide behind any proprietary blends that are full of fillers. What you see on the label is what you get and we are 100% certain that you’ll love the results after your first serving. All of our claims are backed by research and we don’t make outlandish promises that the product can’t deliver. This is why Ruthless Sports Inc. sells proven supplements that will help make you stronger, leaner, and faster.    

Our customers rave about the taste and quality of our products! Born on the west coast of Canada we are slowly taking our brand east to more and more provinces and growing 1 happy customer at a time. If you are looking for great tasting pre-workout or EAA products you’ve come to the right place. We also have a fat burner, male enhancement product, and many new innovations coming soon.

Every product has been extensively researched and tested on top level athletes in both bodybuilding and sports performance. We believe that our products must be proven in the gym and on the field before we put it on the shelf. This is more than a business to us, it’s a lifestyle and a passion to make people better!

When used properly, our products could lead to lean muscle mass, increased endurance, reduced overall body fat, and quicker recovery. These are all important aspects for athletes and they can rest assured that they are fueling their body with top quality supplements.  

Our goal is to create ‘No Bullshit” products that are backed by science.We expect every athlete that takes our products to share a common goal of wanting to be the very best. As a Canadian supplement company we take pride in supporting the local fitness, bodybuilding, and athletes that take part in sport at all levels. Our contribution to the industry is great and we look forward to becoming a mainstay in the supplement industry in Canada.

Customer Testimonials

"Tried many pre workouts all claim to give laser focus however pre-determined actually delivers. I take it before hockey nothing compares to the focus i get"
Ruthless Sports Review | Happy Customer
Warren D
"This Flavour is the bomb.com !! Highly recommended, never tried anything like this"
Ruthless Sports Review | Product Review | Canada
Daylin H.
Love this product!! And the flavour is on fire! (Gym Juice Jolly Rancher)
Ruthless Sports Gym Juice Review | Gym Juice EAA Canada
Emily G
CPA/IFBB Bikini Competitor
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