When is the best time to take a pre-workout? Consuming a pre-workout should be taking 30 minutes prior to physical activity

What is 250 mg of caffeine equal to in coffee? This is the equivalent to approximately 3 – 8 oz cups of coffee.

How is Ruthless Sports different from other companies? We focus on giving you clinical dosed products made from quality ingredients. We cut out the garbage and give you what you need to perform your best.

Will PRE-Determined get me jacked? Building your body takes a lot of dedication, commitment and pain. Pre-Determined is designed to help you train harder and look better than any other product on the market if you are willing to kickass in the gym.

Can you take Pre-Determined before playing hockey, soccer, or baseball? Anytime you are looking to perform better and beat the piss out of someone else we are all for it. PRE-Determined will help you stay focused, react faster, and simply out muscle your competition. Drink it and dominate!

Why is creatine in most pre-workouts? Creatine has a number of performance benefits including the following; Helps muscle cells produce more energy, improves high-intensity exercise performance, speeds up muscle growth, increase IGF-1 levels and stimulate the Akt/PKB pathways.

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